Video Conference Booking Form

Before proceeding, please read the instructions on how to complete the Video Conference Booking Form.
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are necessary to complete your booking.

Important notes

  • This booking form is only required to be completed if 3 or more Vivid VC Network connected sites are required to participate, or if you are requiring a connection with a site that is not on the Vivid VC Network (Offnet).
  • Please remember to include your own site on this booking form.
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for bookings that have only VSL connected sites participating.
  • A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for bookings that include non VSL connected video conferencing sites within New Zealand or Australia.
  • A minimum of 1 week notice is required for bookings that include non VSL video conference network connected sites with a large time difference between countries, such as UK, Canada and USA etc.
  • Costs are involved in any connection to a non Vivid VC Network connected site (Offnet).

Booking Form Instructions

Conference Title

Please create a title for your conference. This will advise the participants to the nature of your booking and also helps us to identify your booking.

Select Single Conference if you wish to book a videoconference that is planned for a single date and time. Insert the date and the start and finish times from the drop down boxes.

Select Recurring Conference if you wish to book a videoconference that is planned to happen more than once (e.g. Every second Wednesday between 8th January and 7th May 2017.)

When booking your conference please include a definite date, start & finish time. If you do not provide this information your booking cannot be processed and will be returned to you.

New Booking

When you choose to make a new booking you will receive a Videoconference Confirmation via email.


If you wish to make amendments on the booking form, please email our support staff with the booking confirmation at Make sure to specify any adjustments you want on the booking form and we will gladly change it.


To cancel your booking, please email us at Please include the booking confirmation as a reference when cancelling the booking.

Organiser’s Details

Please provide you full name, organisation, day time telephone number and the email address you would like the confirmation sent to.

Conference Options

Full Screen: In a voice-activated (full screen) meeting, you see the person who’s talking.   It is therefore very important to use the mute feature.   Each time someone at a different site starts talking the view switches to that site.

Split Screen: With continuous presence (split screen), you see yourself and all of the other participants on screen at the same time.   If there are more than nine sites then some of the sites will not be displayed until someone at that site speaks.

Site Name

All Vivid VC Network connected sites are listed in the drop down box under Site Name. Please click on the drop down box arrow to select each location in your conference.

External Network Participants

If the site you wish to book is not a  site please complete the information for the Site Name, Dial In/Out, ISDN number and Site Contact. Bookings cannot be processed without the dial number for each site. Should a call need to be reversed and VSL has to dial out to a site, valuable time will not be lost due to trying to find the correct site Dial number.

ISDN Billing

Please enter the name and information of the person responsible for payment if different from the organiser.

Dial-In (to VSL)

Choose this option if the ISDN participant(s) will be initiating the call to the VSL Multipoint Control Unit (MCU).

Dial-Out (from VSL)

Choose this option if you require the VSL Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) to call the ISDN participant(s). All other VSL participants will still be required to dial the MCU Bridge Alpha in the directory or Quick Dial 0805.

Phone Only

The VSL Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) is intended for videoconference use only, however where there is no available videoconference system you may book a telephone port. First preference will be given to video sites. If you select phone only for a site please supply the telephone number in the “Site Number” column. Telephone ports are dial in only by default, if you require dial out please contact us.   Please note teleconferencing facilities are provided by other service providers.